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Green Manufacturing Offers Health Benefits

Both poverty and environmental pollution have many things in common. Both can lead to poor living conditions and ill-health. Green manufacturing jobs may be the solution. In the USA, there are not factories that produce complete solar and wind systems. Major components of solar panels and wind turbines can be assembled in the USA, but are made overseas. It seems sensible to launch a national initiative to boost domestic production in the face of job loss and miles of rusting factories.

This will require a huge retooling effort, as well as strong incentives for the green manufacturing to return to Uncle Sam. Our uncle appears to be on an overseas cruise right now. There are many LCD TVs made in Korea, Malaysia and China. These technologies were developed in the USA, and are now manufactured overseas for domestic distribution. We’ve even lost our last Levi’s jeans factory. Apple computer and Levis jeans are as Apple pie as they come! These companies can’t compete if they use domestic production. With a growing industry in solar and wind energy production, why not make it a priority to produce at home?

Step number one is tax breaks and low-interest loans. For small and medium-sized businesses to be eligible for federal loans, there is often a lot of paperwork. This area is critical and must be simplified.

Tax breaks alone are not enough. It is essential that the government works with industry to create enterprise zones with factories for producing solar panels and components. These products are in high demand due to this program and the installation of solar panels on every roof. In many cases, current subsidies have brought down the cost of solar installation in the home by 50%. However, it will be difficult for most people to come up with $15,000 per system. To make solar an affordable investment, the federal government and the state governments must bring this price down to $5,000.

This is an investment, not an entitlement. Wealth is created by rebuilding the domestic manufacturing base. We can create wealth by planting a seed and growing corn. To create wealth, the government can encourage industry to plant these seeds in domestic energy production. The combination of American steel and carbon fiber, as well as American ingenuity, can create the wealth of green products necessary to revitalize this economy, fight poverty and make our society more self-sufficient. You will see a decrease in the healthcare costs and pollution caused by poverty. The independence of solar energy from the aging national grid is another benefit to local solar energy production.

Wind farms cannot reach their full potential because of the power grid problem. Wind farms have difficulties transmitting power as they overload the power grid when they activate 100% of their turbines. The fragility of the grid also puts our national defense at risk by putting federal, state, local agencies at risk. It also destabilizes communities’ ability to recover from disasters like earthquakes, floods and fires. It is urgent that shovels be put in the ground for the power grid. The government appears to have a chance for quick job creation.

In the face of low wages and a lack of safety standards, domestic manufacturing appears impossible. Some countries offer healthcare coverage to workers, which is not available in the US. It is reasonable to limit imports from US factories that meet the same standards as their US counterparts.

Federally mandating employers to have insurance coverage is a good idea, but it’s not funded. It could lead to a decrease in US goods production. This approach has a problem in that healthcare coverage is tied to jobs. Healthcare costs can often lead to an industry moving overseas, reducing domestic jobs. If this could lead to jobs being moved offshore, why should we burden the manufacturing base by increasing healthcare costs? No jobs? This can lead to poverty, malnutrition and poor health.

One solution is to extend Medicare coverage to all US citizens. The industry will not be liable for healthcare costs. Big government can seem too frightening with its fears of huge tax increases associated with national health coverage. Perhaps the addition of competition could help lower healthcare costs. The federal government must remove anti-trust protections provided by insurance companies and provide a public option that offers competitive pricing. For a simplified and more efficient healthcare package, Congress is the best place to look. The lobbyists scored their first touchdown on this one. No matter what the political solution, until the nation pulls together to provide comprehensive healthcare coverage for all citizens of the United States without putting the burden on the manufacturing base, we won’t see the job creation necessary to propel this economy forward.

Green manufacturing is an excellent way to test our economic resilience. This will require the US to combine the expertise of US industry and universities with strong financial structures to support rebuilding domestic factories. Is it possible to replace oil with solar panels and wind turbines made in other countries? A sound domestic energy strategy is one that allows the US to generate its own power. This effort will reap the benefits of job creation, cleaner environments, and a healthier population.


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Closer To Reality: Alternatives To The UFO Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

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At first UFOs (born as “flying discs” or ‘flying saucers’) were secret military vehicles, most likely Russian models based on Nazi prototypes. If that explanation sank into the dust, then obviously it was an error in identifying regular terrestrial events or hoaxes. In the event that a significant portion of UFO events failed the misidentification test and it was the Joe Rogan Ufo ETH (ExtraTerrestrial hypothesis) was brought to the forefront. The UFO ETH hasn’t been a hit with everyone and every person, so what’s the next step and are the alternatives to UFO ETH plausible? This is of course an assumption that if one claims that “it [the UFO ETH] can’t be, therefore it isn’t” Can they really come up with alternative options to UFO ETH? What follows is based on an exchange I had with one of my UFO Ethereum sceptic regarding the alternatives.

Regarding Alternatives to The UFO Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

At the outset I’ll mention that I am fully conscious that “U” in UFO stands for “unidentified”. It could also mean “unidentifiable” since a hardcore UFO is a UFO, even after those who have the methods and resources to transform the UFO in to one of the IFO have failed in doing this. There’s a lot of hardcore UFO stories that no one can understand without consider something that’s artificial and is under control of an intelligent mind. The ETH is certainly a good example. But…

Could there be a possible alternative to the extraterrestrial idea? It is possible to speculate that they are through a different universe, other dimension or some similar. This is still considered alien in my opinion. It’s possible to have terrestrial time travelers in the near future. It’s definitely possible. Who’s to argue with that? But if humans from the future are able to travel back to the present and prior to that, you’d expect a lot of UFO reports to be centered around important historical events such as the JFK assassination, or the sinking RMS Titanic or D-Day or the first time the nuclear bomb, or Custer’s final stand, or maybe a lot of them could have been seen on the horizon of Yankee Stadium when Roger Maris hit his 61st hit home-run. The closest thing you can get to Bethlehem’s ‘Star’ celebration of the time of Jesus’ birth Christ And even it is mentioned in only one chapter in the New Testament. Therefore, the time travel hypothesis is a flop.

A very convincing argument for one of the most convincing arguments for UFO ETH is that over more than seven decades the extraterrestrial theory hasn’t yet been disproved. Nobody has find a plausible alternative theory. The ETH is still alive and alive and well. Why? There’s something that’s suggesting and that’s why is why the ETH is the most effective (and likely the only) explanation for UFO sightings of extreme intensity. There must be a plausible explanation and all other possible scenarios are dismissed. Some readers may recall an old Sherlock Holmes phrase: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” If the solid UFO remains aren’t alien, what’s the other possibility?

The most common answer is that skeptics are unable to offer any other explanation for the difficult UFO unanswered questions on the basis that they require more information. Yet, it’s been seven decades of continuous research. How much more data do sceptics need? Another seventy years worth? I’m surprised they didn’t take an opportunity to bet. The words of the skeptical of wisdom resonate in a loud and clear way. Are sceptics able to resolve the UFO issue one and for all, so that they (the Royal We) can continue to move onto other, more modern and better and more efficient things?

In addition to the alternate explanations, I’ll try to simplify things for UFO skeptics of the ETH. Their goal, if they choose to accept the claim (Ha-Ha!) is to read the published University of Colorado “Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects” which is The Condon inquiry and its report. You can go to the index and search “sightings, unexplained”. Select one as the one they prefer. Make it clear in simple terms. Do what scientists from the University of Colorado scientists failed to accomplish.

Let’s check if I have it right. UFO ETH sceptics admit that there are bona-fide hardcore UFO mysteries. They acknowledge that there needs to be an logical explanation(s) that explain why the”hardcore. They acknowledge their belief that ETH (ExtraTerrestrial Hypothesis) is an explanation that is logical or at a minimum, an plausible explanation even if the data does not meet their more demanding standards.