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Writing For Social Media

To be able to serve clients in marketing, branding, and “new media PR,” they need to have the ability to write for social media. Social media writing is a specialty.

It is crucial to write well in order to create appealing content for clients, artists, writers, and business owners. This is the core skill. The ability to create for social media is part of the “new media” skill set.

Selling is a must if you want to be in business. You must sell, even if your business is not for profit, a project you own, or your own job. Social media writing is not an exception.

Although best practices approach social writing as a function of electronic relationship-building, this writing must still, ultimately sell. Direct interaction is what today’s highly informed consumers want. It is essential that you get to know your customer and establish a relationship with them on their terms. This is why you need to engage in social networking communications, both for the benefit your customer and for your benefit.

This new environment requires a combination of copywriting and expertise.

This means that the writer must first be able to write copy. It is a completely different skill than journalistic, literary or academic skills. And, “grammar don’t matter.” Copywriting is sales writing. This is the rare and powerful ability to convince and sell directly from the printed page.

Additionally, the social writer must be able to navigate Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and have a YouTube channel. He also needs to be able to show that he is present in the social media space.

WRITING FOR THE PRESENCE: Social Media Engagement
Social media requires that written messages continue to be sent. Engage in conversations on social media with your audience – who are ultimately prospects or customers – and keep them there. Your presence will be stronger if you are consistent in your writing. This builds your social credibility. You don’t need to do all of this writing yourself. A writer with expertise in ‘new media conversations’ can be hired.

WRITING FOR CAMPAIGNS – Building Social Content
Your messages are planned and strategically designed to engage with prospects and customers on a consistent basis. This is different from posting, tweeting, or texting randomly. It means that you post, tweet, and/or text at regular intervals with planned content. This is called campaign marketing. These campaigns are strategic marketing campaigns that build and enhance your brand.

Writing is the first step in creating content for your social media campaigns. You can create content for your social media campaigns as simple captions with photos or scripted videos.

You can see that when you combine different types of content, it becomes very powerful. Each type of content is produced with writing support. These writing efforts are made specifically for social media.

NEW MEDIA PR: Social Media Branding
Public relations is the best way to facilitate branding, which is not a term that can be interchangeably with marketing. It is a speciality in marketing. PR professionals are skilled in delivering long-term strategies that promote brand relevance. PR professionals are able to help clients create and present business “personas”, which serve to “brand” their business.

Written communication is the basis of all these planned branding strategies. These “writings” are best crafted by experts for social media. Writing for social media can lead to branding via social media if done well.

* You should always be engaged in social media if you are in business, or selling products that require marketing.

* Social “engagement” is at its core through writing.

* Social engagement and its writing function are strategic for business. This means planning, orchestrating, and executing over the long-term and in short-term campaigns.

* There are many forms of essential social content, including podcasts and audio interviews, videos and messages on mobile devices.

* It doesn’t matter if you are a writer or not, once you have mastered the principles you can build your brand and brand your business with writing for social media.

The ability to sell via the written word doesn’t mean that every social network “copy” is pitching. It is more often not. It does not necessarily mean that the writer knows how to write in each social media setting. It means that he is able to create engaging conversations, posts, tweets and texts that will lead to the desired outcome. The desired result is often sales or traffic that leads to sales.