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What is Adventure Travel? Why is it growing in tourism and how can you get involved?

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Despite negative talk about the’recession’ (now a word that is too common), the luxury and adventure travel segments are growing rapidly in the travel market. Many agents still don’t know how to approach this market, despite this fact. A personal service is needed for the term adventure holiday. My perfect adventure may be your nightmare! Personal service can be complicated because many potential travelers don’t know exactly what they want from an adventure travel experience. What is the solution? The solution?

What is adventure travel exactly?

It is common to believe that adventure holidays only involve high-impact activities like rock climbing, white water rapids or rappelling down cliff faces. While this may be true, adventure travel can include a wide range of activities with a cultural, wildlife or more relaxed flavor.

Adventure travel is about exploration and travel to exotic locations, not just for adrenaline junkies. Adventure travel is for those who are willing to explore the world and seek out new experiences in unfamiliar places.

Many people mistakenly think adventure travel is about ‘roughing’ it. In reality, it can be about unique accommodation and surroundings that reflect local culture and are comfortable and character-driven as opposed to luxurious style and luxury.

Adventure travel offers relaxation, stimulation, variety, inspiration, well-earned treats, and high-quality expedition environments that are safe and secure for families.

Why is the adventure travel market growing?

Escape is key! People who are unhappy with their current circumstances and are negatively affected by the economic downturn, are increasingly looking for experiences that will incite and excite them. It is rewarding to travel in adventure and it is also a great way to relieve boredom, frustration, and dissatisfaction.
Adventure travel can now be combined with volunteering and activities in the local community. This is also a reason linked to the current economic climate. Together with the group that one travels with, this can offer an opportunity to build social experiences, new skills, and knowledge that can be applied to a person’s career, often giving travellers a competitive advantage on their return.
Let’s get to the last question: If travel agents fail to provide the personal service necessary for this experience, then how can you plan an adventure travel experience.

Practice is the best thing that you can do. Let yourself be free to wander and explore the world. It will be amazing what you find when you aren’t planning anything.
Subscribe to outdoor adventure magazines or subscriber-based newsletters to get an idea of what’s out there, how it all works, and what would be most suitable for you.
The internet is your most powerful tool. The internet has so much information about the vast wide-open world. You can have your own adventure vacation by planning your own using the increasing number of information portals, such as the Best of Zambia.
If that sounds scary, there are many top-quality adventure travel tour operators that can help. They are not your typical high street agents who offer mediocre, commercialized experiences.

Adventure Travel Inspiration: How to Find It

Every traveller knows the feeling of “I want to travel”, “I want new experiences, and I want something completely different from what I’m doing right now.” The feeling is often accompanied by the question, “But where?” Where? Where?

The vast array of travel options available to adventure travelers makes this even more difficult. These are three ways to help you find inspiration, especially if you have travel in your mind.

Travel Reviews

Reading about the adventures of others is a great way to get inspiration for adventure travel. You can easily do this by reading travel reviews. These reviews give insight not only into the value and service provided by adventure travel companies, but also about the experiences people have had. Adventurers love to visit places that are not often visited. Do not underestimate the adventure traveller’s desire for exploration.

Density is another way to get inspiration from travel reviews. If the masses congregate in Kenya to go on a Safari, or Peru to hike Machu Picchu in one area, then both areas will receive high numbers of reviews. This knowledge allows adventure travelers to easily choose their ideal experience based on how crowded it is.

Adventure News

Get the latest news about adventure news. Adventure travel industry news is a great source of inspiration. You will find information about current offers for adventure vacations, new destinations and activities that you can try. This is especially helpful if you are on a budget. Discovering new adventures right at your doorstep is the latest trend in travel.

How can you find the best deals on the market? Keep an eye out for the latest adventure news. The key reason the adventure travel market continues its growth is because of new adventures. The internet is full of adventurers who are constantly on the hunt for new destinations and activities. One of the best sources of inspiration for travelers is blogs written by explorers. These blogs can help you find new routes through jungles, epic cycling journeys, or new ways to use a helicopter for your adventure.

Adventure Travel Market Overview

Finding inspiration is as easy as looking at the entire adventure travel market – what can you do?

You could do this by browsing an atlas, pointing to the topographic point or viewing a list on a provider’s website. You can also use some of the many powerful travel search websites. Click on an activity to see what is available.

These are three things to keep in mind if you’re looking for adventure travel inspiration.

1. See travel reviews
2. Keep an eye out for adventure news
3. Keep an eye out for international adventure travel search websites.