Considering a Career in Graphiste Carcassonne Artifact Advertising Designers Give Some Insight

Considering a Career in Graphiste Carcassonne Artifact Advertising Designers Give Some Insight

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“I realized Graphiste Carcassonne is an easier way to pay the bills – as opposed to being a starving artist contemplating slicing off and eating your own ear”

How come so many artistically gifted individuals end up becoming Graphic Designers, not artists? And was it a suitable option for those with talent? We spoke with the design team of Artifact Advertising to get some amusing insights into their careers in graphic design…

What do you love the most about designing and being a designer?

A Conceptualization: Making up a design and being creatively free. Making my own designs. (when I have a spare moment).

B: Trying out new ideas! It’s great hearing that your client is pleased with the work you’ve accomplished.
I love creating identity for companies the most…I truly enjoy it!

C: I’m definitely creative looking at design differently than the typical Joe and recognizing it’s something that feeds your soul’ ‘… and, of course, wearing slippers to work If I wanted to

D: The difficulty of a challenging task, requiring something original.

Do you have any designers who have inspired you?

A: Yes! I am a sucker for the look of The sheer variety of designs always makes me feel good!
My favorite, most cherished South African designers must be Louis Minnaar and Anthony Dart

B: Yes! And I am a huge fan of the site “Behance”, where they show other artists. I love the imagination and innovative ideas!

C: There’s an artist, illustrator and graphic designer I absolutely love – Rachel Rordan.

D: Designers such as Charles S Anderson, Daniel Palavin, Neville Brody, Louise Fili, Paula Scher and Adolphe Mouron Cassandre enthuse me on a daily basis.

What are the latest trends in design today and how have they evolved over time?

A: Hand-drawn as well as 3D-based fonts as well as of course, retro and textures forms. It’s funny, they do alter a little each year, and I’m not able to know for sure – which is why it so fascinating!

B: The phrase “less is more!” Design is now more tidy and less cluttered More vectors and illustrations are being added than in the past.

C: Personally, I prefer clear, flat colours (no dropping shadows). It’s the “vintage” look is very current in web design, and comes with natural textures.

D Simple: Don’t overthink it.

Where do you find the inspiration to create your own unique designs?

A: The websites and designers I’ve discussed. I’m also incredibly drawn to the beauty of nature! And also the fact that we’re not American however, we’re African! South African design rules!

B: On sites like Behance and Exclusive Books!

C I’ve got a few websites I’m obsessed with for great packaging concepts and for the most recent designs for webdesign. The hours spent in the book store looking through design books can be a great source of ideas too.

D: Answer Censored

What is your dream design job?

A: I’m sure I’d like to work for myself or be an artistic director. It’s simply creating the perfect idea that everyone loves! !

B: One day, I’ll advance my career as a designer, and learn from other designers. It would be wonderful to become an artistic director in the future.

C: I’d love to come up with ideas and themes for events, and then do all the designing work behind it. A trip that required traveling and design would be fantastic as well, but don’t believe that the two things go together.

D Designing Music Graphics: posters, CD covers. Also, designing book covers.

Have you had any funny or bizarre incidents that you’ve had during your profession?

Each day we have some laughter in the our studio. Every day is a new experience. We had a customer who was convinced he could conduct his own photo shoot to promote his product and it would appear professional. The client sells food products as well. One of the hamburgers that he shothad a large flying flies on it. A huge fail! What’s the chance?

B: Yes!! I had a very hair-raising moment in college! There were two computers close to one another in the class, and my friend wanted me to assist him. I grabbed the mouse and examined his screen to guide him to where but then spent hours wondering what was wrong with the mouse. working! While I was using my mouse!

C: During my studies, I won a place as a finalist in an award for packaging and was also involved in the opportunity to shoot a photo and also an article written in an online magazine on my design. In the end, around four years later, I went to holiday and spent the night in a small hotel in Kimberly I believe that we may have been the only guests in the hotel . Moreover, the hotel provided books close to my bed. From all the magazines they could have selected from the globe, this was the one I was reading. I walked through the hotel, holding the magazine to my head, smile, and pointing to the staff that this was me. They probably were a bit skeptical I’m sure not less than a bit famous. I was never even the chance to sign my name.

D Answer: Answer was censored

The moment you realized you’d like to be a graphic designer ? Why?

A The reason I’ve always been interested in the art of painting. When I was a kid, sketching and creating were my favorite things! Both of my parents are inventive people. They are architects and an artist teacher. I was a child watching my Mom at the pottery studio while my dad would always make me sketch and flip through art books.
When I was in high school, I studied art as a class. I was at an open day at the university for graphic design and I knew that this is what I want to do!

B: At high school, I was a student of the art class and can draw quite efficiently. After graduation, I was unsure of the things I was going to pursue however I knew that I had to do something that required creativity. I was told that I could choose to study the fine arts or graphic design. I was not interested in studying to pursue drawing (fine art) as a profession since the thing you like could just turn into a job.

C: I was the first to realize I wanted to become graphic designer as a child during Standard 5 (I went around telling everyone that I would be an artist in the field of graphic design and that they were using actual computers to create the work). I’ve always enjoyed drawing and creating and set my sights on becoming graphic designer.

D: I discovered my appreciate design by studying graphic design’s history The designers of the past have been masters of art however, the times have changed. I was in Fine art school and realized that I was still a creative in pursuing an art career in the field of commercial art. I also discovered it easier to pay the expenses as rather than being a hungry artist who is contemplating eating your own cut off ear. I am in love with typography that was created in the first half of the 20th century, and the designers of the present who rediscovered the art form.